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About us

The story of Tachipano starts in 2016 when we registered our first store on eBay: tpscenter2016.


Maybe you have questions: why not tpscenter, but Tachipano?

At the beginning of the establishment of tpscenter2016, our products have been very popular, so it has also attracted other merchants to follow suit. The competition is cruel. Before we had brand awareness, a competitor registered “tpscenter”. Some misguided customers bought products from his website and found the quality was not good. Then came to us, said we were liars and demanded compensation. We can only explain to them one by one that this is not our shop. We just realized the importance of building a brand of our own. To avoid the same situation, we changed tpscenter to Tachipano. And in 2018, Tachipano was registered as a trademark.


So began Tachipano, our mission is to build up a place like shopping center where customers could select the correct accessories for HMI operator panel Repair / Replacement. Tachipano is mainly provide good quality Touch Panel Screen / Membrane Keyboard / Front overlay / LCD screen / Plastic cover for HMI operator panel Repair / Replacement. Tachipano is committed to providing buyers with efficient, convenient, and accurate product services.


Today, our eBay store was named Top Rated Seller. To develop Tachipano, we created this official store. We help everyone find the right accessories for them. We have grown from a start-up to a large retailer with over 10,000 SKUs.


90% of the product models are in stock, which can meet the maintenance needs of fast shipping, and the price is reasonable. Tachipano can provide product customization services to meet the individual needs of customers.